Familia Conesa A.Conesa 58 Brut Natur

very smooth, with a fantastic silkiness

A.Conesa 58 Brut Natur

At El Guijoso, a 10-hectare plot of vines exists that was planted in 1983. The source of these vines is the noblest of all. They were cloned in the very birthplace of Chardonnay itself: Burgundy.

For years now, our aim with these vines has been clear: to produce the finest grapes that will make wines of the highest quality. This rigorous undertaking has paved the way for the production of our Brut Nature A. Conesa. The best plot of Chardonnay, the oldest of this grape variety in El Guijoso, has been chosen by Antonio to produce his Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine.

Antonio Conesa, the owner and CEO of Pago Guijoso has for several years been enthusiastically committed to taking up this challenge, which would one day fulfil his dream of producing a Brut Nature – Blanc de Blancs. In creating this Champagne Method/ Traditional Method sparkling wine, this A. Conesa limited release, Antonio has given it his signature.

After tasting the base wine and approving the result of the first fermentation, our cellar team bottles the wine and seals it for a period of almost 18 months. During this time, the sugar and the yeast merge harmoniously, and the wine ferments again to produce our sparkling wine.

Gentle hands control the rotation of the bottles, necessary for the activation of the sediment and to provide fine bubbles in the wine and a body on the palate of outstanding quality.

The final stage of the process, the disgorgement, then arrives. The neck of the bottle is frozen, and along with it the plug of sediment. Expert hands remove the cap from the bottle and allow the gas to release its force for a short while. Gratefully, it ejects the sediment just before the cork and its wire are installed to enclose it once again inside our bottle of A. Conesa.

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A.Conesa 58 Brut Natur