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VINOLUTION brings you an innovative, sustainable concept for serving wine by the glass.

VINOLUTION brings you Wine on Tap.

Imagine each glass of wine as exquisite as the last,
each served at the perfect temperature,
each tasting just as the winemakers intended.

VINOLUTION gives you this with every glass you serve your guests.

Why Wine on Tap?

toasting wine glasses

By the Glass

WINES ON TAP are specifically meant for
“by the glass” patrons


Incredible Efficiency

One keg holds 20-26 bottles of wine

wine pouring out of tap into glass

Eliminate Spoilage

Wines are never exposed to oxygen until freshly poured


Are you looking to learn more about ‘tapping in’?

Wine on tap provides a fresh and sustainable solution to glass pour programs for restaurants, bars, hotels and event centers.
Never having to worry about waste opens up the opportunity to offer a diverse range of wines for your customer enjoyment.

Curious about the different types of kegs in the market?

We work with partners that supply in both stainless steel and PET one way kegs. Stainless steel is a great short range offering and petainer (PET) allows us to import from a wider geographic range. Both are outstanding for delivering fresh and vibrant wines to your taps.

steel keg and petainer comparison

Wines & Partners

is a full service agency dedicated to the success of client’s wine programs.

We offer:

  • The largest selection of wines for ‘on tap’ in the Canadian marketplace
  • Technical knowledge and strategic partnerships for installations
  • On site and ongoing training for store staff including tastings and wine notes
  • Support with wine descriptions for menus, menu pairing suggestions
  • Ongoing supply chain communication – updates and safety planning to support potential inventory risks

Our Story

In 2006, while vacationing in France, Melanie had the experience of drinking wine served from a tap in many small restaurants. The quality was exceptional and she began asking many of the restaurateurs about the concept. It did not take long to identify this as a wonderful way to serve quality wines by the glass.

Years later, she was introduced to a forward-thinking wine maker in California that was bringing the concept to North America. As an aspiring entrepreneur, after some research and realization that this could change the way glass programs operated, Melanie was hooked.

Caskade Wines began modestly in 2012 with 2 wines. Melanie quickly acquired a few small Calgary based clients who were intrigued by the concept and what it offered: quality, efficiency, and profitability.

Evolving over time, Melanie has found producers and clients that believe in the opportunity that wine on tap represents. In 2017, Vinolution was formed in Ontario in partnership with Versay Wines, making wine on tap accessible across Canada.

Vinolution offers over 50 wines and 25 varietals or blends in their portfolio. They are committed to continue to offer a quality portfolio of wines and exceptional client service.

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