VINOLUTION: innovative, sustainable WINE ON TAP.

Let's drink to that.

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by the glass

Wines on Tap are specifically meant for “by the glass” patrons.


eliminate spoilage

Wines on Tap are never exposed to oxygen until freshly poured. This offers cost savings of up to 15%, the industries average rate of spoilage.



Wines on Tap do not compromise on temperature or taste. Each glass is served as and tastes like a quality wine should.

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Wines on Tap are the perfect complement to wines aged in the bottle, both in patron’s choice and price point.

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environmentally sustainable

Globally, only 26% of glass wine bottles are recycled. At VINOLUTION, wine is stored in larger formats, such as kegs, hence less packaging waste and more storage space for you.

3 barrels stacked


Wines on Tap are packaged in kegs so the product keeps true to the winemakers intended flavour profile as they’ve not been disturbed in the bottling process


incredible efficiency

One keg holds 20-26 bottles of wine, increasing the speed of service behind the bar and ultimately improving your guest experience