Ducourt Rose Limé

Sparkling, Rosé & French!

w w w . d u c o u r t . c o m

Jean Pierre Xiradakis, the owner of the renowned restaurant “La Tupina” met our family a few years ago, which has been producing wines in Bordeaux since 1858. Together, we decided to breathe life back into Blanc Limé, which is produced following an authentic recipe : a base of dry white wine with a careful blend of natural citrus aromas, and a touch of fizz. In the 50s, this was the drink of choice in the cafés of South-West France and the brasseries of Paris.


Rosé wine from Entre-Deux-Mers.
Natural red fruit and citrus aromas, water and sugar.
Carbon-dioxide is added when the drink is bottled for a touch of fizz.
Annual production : 40 000 bottles
Œnologist : Jérémy Ducourt


Colour: Dazzling pale pink
Nose: Subtle, fresh, with aromas of red berries and grapefruit zest with base notes typical of our region’s wines
Mouth: Fresh, crisp, with sweetness married with a gentle sparkle
Food pairings: Served well-chilled (8-10°C). Perfectly suited as a pre-dinner drink, by itself or with tapas, charcuterie or other canapés. Can be served with cold salads, spicy dishes and light desserts (red fruits salad, mint and whipped cream).